Album / EP Press

Whether it’s your debut EP or your farewell album, every release should have a press campaign built around it. Getting reviews and interviews ahead of a release can increase sales and do wonders for raising awareness of the band. We work with top outlets to premiere exclusive content a such as singles and advanced album/EP streams as well.

Tour Press

If you’re planning on hitting the road, why not maximize your time out there by securing good press for the trip? Having the local alt-weekly in the town you’re about to play in write up a short blurb about you can potentially increase attendance at the show. We work to get writers and photographers out to your shows for interviews and reviews, as well as setting up pre-show coverage with the local outlets.

Music & Video Placement

High Road uses the relationships they’ve built with press over the years to place your music and/or video with the right publication for your audience. Once we’re hired, we work directly with the artist to meticulously pick the right outlets that will make the band happy and most importantly, make their fans happy while gaining new ones.


Many bands underestimate the power of a great bio. Having a snapshot of the band in one or two paragraphs is very beneficial to booking agents, managers, press and especially new fans. High Road can assist in writing your bio as well as branding your image. We’ve assisted many artists in coming up with creative ways to “pitch” their band and developing their brand.